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Welcome to my Sandbox. Everything here is a work in progress and subject to being changed or abandoned in favor of something better.

Thanks for stopping by the official playground of Ohandy1.

  • MBA/Internet Marketing
  • BS Web Development
  • AS Networking
  • BA Marketing
  • BA Education
  • BA Public Relations
  • Over 30 years combined marketing and management experience

I remember when distance learning was laughed at but today the technology exists to make distance learning challenging and rewarding. The self-motivation required to complete these degrees was very similar to what it takes to run a business. We hold our degrees with pride, but real-world experience remains the least forgiving yet most effective professor.

Faith, Family, Friends

Every great project in life demands attention. I've come to the conclusion that there is no greater project than life itself so I try to keep healthy priorities.

  • Faith without work(s) is dead; we honor God by striving to be better
  • It takes work to keep a family healthy (and fed)
  • Good relationships with friends and associaltes is being willing to work at it

Pursuing a seemless balance of work and family

Nearly 20 years of working independent of a punchclock has taught me to be a dedicated self-starter while not losing sight of what I'm working for.

Internet Marketing Should Be an Asset,
not an Expense.

Like my days in construction, my favorite part is when everything I've been working on becomes a valuable asset. I enjoy building websites but I quickly learned that a website is only a piece of the web 2.0 marketing experience. The key to success is strategic planning followed by deliberate execution.


Web Design and Development

Websites should compliment your business and work seamlessly with other marketing efforts.

Points to Consider

  • Optimize for Mobile
  • Website and Social Media Unified Branding
  • eCommerce Solutions
  • Content Management Systems

Integrated Internet Marketing

Leverage the power of the Web into all your marketing efforts.

Points to Consider

  • Comprehensive Social Media Marketing
  • Web Presence
  • Reputation Management
  • Video Marketing

Web Applications

Manage sales and value chains through today's enterprise resource management tools

Points to Consider

  • Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Diversified Workforce Management
  • Project Management

Data and Analytics

Understanding your market leads to greater success. Better data leads to a better company.

Points to Consider

  • Track Campaign Results
  • Targeted Marketing
  • Better Product Development
  • Greater Customer Service

Need help? We offer freelance web services including Design/Develop, Marketing, Productivity Applications, and Business Intellegence.
We offer turnkey solutions or consultant services to help you keep your projects on track.

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  • Mark Carver MBA

  • Internet Marketing Consultant
  • Web Developer
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